What Matters to You?

     What matters most to you? I’m sure it won’t take long to think of your answer. But, in terms of what would affect you most if you lost it, at least during your earthly existence, the answer will be family, friends, income, your home, your vehicles, etc.. Of the ones you can protect from damage, illness, or loss, you would probably start with family. So, since family is what you care about most, what becomes your most important asset (besides the intangibles,)? Your income. Your income is how you at least in part, provide for their every day well being. So, if your family needs your income to continue being well, even if you are injured or, God forbid, lose your life, your income needs protection so it can continue to provide even after an event.

     Answer? What matters most to you is your family. What matters most to them is you. Let’s cut to the chase. You can protect them by protecting your income in two important ways: Life Insurance and Disability Insurance, so you can continue to provide for them no matter what. Simple? You bet. You need to trust someone who can answer whatever questions you may have about these very important issues. Make your list of questions (including the ones that will help you determine who you can trust). Then make your call.

I’d be happy to answer any questions you have, personally.

John, at the Abato Insurance Company, LLC


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